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state guidance:

The following tips and tools came from peers in this business sector and are not official local, state, or federal guidance.

peer to peer tips:

  • Create COVID playbook and share with employees.
  • Conduct COVID symptom screening for staff regularly.
  • Communicate with employees about what you’re doing to care for their safety. Engage them in why and what you’re doing so they can articulate it well with customers.
  • Maximize online resources to share with clients what they are seeing and buying ahead of time.
  • Practice with employees what to say when a customer is challenging or not following business or state safety guidelines.
  • Ensure clear signage in front of the business and within the business about safety requirements (e.g., maintaining physical distance of at least 6 feet between people).
  • Run air purifiers and open windows. 
  • Offer hand sanitizer in multiple locations.
  • Offer free masks if customer doesn’t bring one.
  • Disinfect all touchable surfaces in vehicles and in office spaces between client meetings.
  • Set up outside meet and greet spaces to avoid inside interaction.
  • Increase online purchase and communication options.
  • Install plexiglass barriers at service desks.
  • Offer special hours for vulnerable populations.
  • Wear gloves to handle objects passed to clients. Change gloves between clients.
  • Have client put key in a plastic bag at drop off, and return key to them in the same bag.  
  • Cars are disinfected when brought in and again when returned (focus on high touch surfaces).
  • Have sneeze guards/shields in place on all desks.  
  • Mark all floors clearly indicating where clients should stand.  
  • Use tech tools to minimize paper sharing and time with clients.  
  • Supply single use individually wrapped pens for each time something requires a wet signature.  
  • Employ people whose job entails sanitizing multiple times a day, not just morning and night.  
  • Limit demo rides to one client and one employee if needed and windows must be down.  
  • Use napkin dispensers as mask dispensers and have them throughout the facility.  
  • Keep high traffic doors propped open so there is no need to touch them to open/close.  
  • Remove all coffee and other items that would require cleaning between uses.  
  • Take some seats out of shuttle van to ensure driver and passengers are kept at distance. 

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