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The following tips and tools came from peers in this business sector and are not official local, state, or federal guidance.

peer to peer tips:

  • Summary of WA State Guidance for Manufacturers
  • The production floor and the office will need different strategies for masks, distancing, and cleaning procedures.
  • Establish clear performance expectations for wearing masks and distancing. Keep reinforcing the rules. Over time, the protocols will feel normal, but periodically, people will get lax, so reinforcement will be important.
  • Do everything you can to keep people in separate air spaces with lots of ventilation.  Use whatever barriers you can afford – if Plexiglas is too expensive, try clear shower curtains
  • Organize staff into cohort groups or “pods” to make contact tracing easier.
  • If one of your staff members is exposed or tests positive for COVID, have the rest of their pod go home until you can determine whether there was a possible exposure to the group.
  • Push communications out to staff every week – keep them informed and encouraged: “this is what we are doing, and this is why it matters.”
  • Make sure that you have some way to check-in with each staff member on a weekly basis to make sure that stressors can be identified and addressed before they become real issues.

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