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state guidance:

The following tips and tools came from peers in this business sector and are not official local, state, or federal guidance.

peer to peer tips:

  • Make information about COVID safety in our businesses readily available online.
  • Schedule pre-appointment consultations for less time in the same space with one another.
  • Eliminate unnecessary contact.
  • Communicate clear expectations with staff and clients regarding changes in services.
  • Install shower curtains or plexiglass to use between stations to minimize contact.
  • Set furniture up for social distancing, even if that means removing a chair or two.
  • Offer masks for any customer and especially walk-in clients.
  • Screen employees and customers for COVID symptoms.
  • Have clients call in when they have arrived, eliminating the waiting room.
  • Install hand sanitizer in multiple areas.
  • Use a new or fresh cape for every customer.
  • Plastic wrap shampoo bowls for easy sanitation between clients.
  • Change the filter in your HVAC system more frequently.

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