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The following tips and tools came from peers in this business sector and are not official local, state, or federal guidance.

peer to peer tips:

  • Conduct COVID symptom screening.
  • Pay attention to where people sit/stand to create 6+ feet distance between provider and client. 
  • Minimize time within 6 feet of client.
  • Run air purifiers and open windows. 
  • Require clients use hand sanitizer.
  • Don’t use the waiting room; have clients wait outside until appointment.
  • Clean all touch surfaces between clients.
  • Screen new patients via phone before in person treatments to shorten appointment time.
  • Use non-upholstered chairs that can be wiped down between clients.
  • Cover upholstered couch with a sheet or medical paper (like on the exam table in doctor’s office) and change it between clients.
  • Wrap keyboards with Saran Wrap.
  • Increase time between patients to allow for cleaning and to air out the office.  
  • Providers change scrubs between patients. Launder scrubs on site so nothing worn in the office goes home. (Note: This and the next item are the choice of a provider and not required by any state guidance.)
  • Each practitioner has three N95 masks. Wear a different one each day. Hang the other two on a board in sunlight and fresh air. Dispose of N95 masks every two weeks.
  • Products providers are using to sanitize office space after seeing a client:
    • Diversey is a company that supplies cleaning products. Some products healthcare offices are using:

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